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ancient mariners - live
recorded live on the field at the westbrook muster, august 1999, as the mariners celebrated their 40th anniversary.
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the ancient mariners - american fife and drum music
recorded in 1981, this is the first ancient mariner recording, featuring the ancient mariners connecticut, the swiss mariners, and the chanteymen. now available on cd with newly released tracks!
the ancient mariners - ancient spirit
live recording from a joint concert in augst, switzerland in 1990. prominently features the excellent swiss mariners and many joint performances.         
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the ancient mariners chanteymen-turnin' the tide
recorded in 1993, this all vocal album stands out as a premier example of the art of the sea chantey. a true "must-hear".
the ancient mariners -crossin' the line
released in 1994 this is the most recent recording of the group and features the ancient mariners connecticut, the mariner chanteymen, and the swiss mariners.


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